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About JavaScript Programming Language

JavaScript is a interpreted programming language developed by Netscape, the company in which American IT programmer Brendan Eich was a developer who developed the JavaScript programming language in 1995.

Inital name of the JavaScript is MOCHA , further rename to livescript later finally renamed to JavaScript.

JavaScript it was initially created for browsers

In those days there was a competition between Netscape Navigator browser and Microsoft Explorer. But the problem was websites which are made compatible with Netscape but not comaitable with explorer or vice versa, so to resolve this problem a standard had been created and that standard was ECMA, according to standard every client script has to follow that ECMA standard latter both Netscape and explore following same standard and became an ECMA standard in 1997.

Inital JavaScript was client side language. But now a days its a combo of the client side as well as server side, both allowing developers to build full-stack applications using a single language.

Overall, JavaScript is a powerful tool for web development, enabling developers to create dynamic and interactive experiences for users across various devices and platforms. Its widespread adoption and extensive ecosystem make it a vital language for modern web development.

Features of JavaScript

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is JavaScript?
JavaScript is a dynamically-typed, interpreted language.
Q2. Why name JavaScript?
When JavaScript was created, Inital name of the JavaScript is MOCHA , further rename to livescript later finally renamed to JavaScript But Java was very popular at that time and many ideas are borrowed from the Java language so it was decided to rename JavaScript.
Q3. Syntax of JavaScript comes from which language?
JavaScript's syntax is heavily inspired by C++ and Java.
Q4. What kind of software we can create with JavaScript language?
JavaScript can create different kinds of software such as games, computer programs, web applications, and even technologies like blockchain.
Q5. Is JavaScript compiled or Interpreted?
JavaScript is an interpreted language, not a compiled language.
Q6. In which language is a JavaScript compiler written?
The very first JavaScript compiler was written in C++.