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About Manoj Kumar

Hello everyone, My Name is Manoj Kumar the person behind Techbrushup.

I am an engineer by profession, but a passionate blogger.

I’m based in India. I had completed my schooling in the nearest village.

I went to MD University, Haryana to complete my Btech degree in Computer Science and Engineering in 2007-2011.

Coming to my strength, I am a quick learner,a hardworking & Self Motivated Person, and confident with a positive attitude.

I will keep posting more important posts on my Website related to Content on latest technologies including Drupal, Python, PHP, Machine Learning, React Js, Angular, Data Science and more for all of you.

Please give your support and love.

About Techbrushup

Hello, Dear friends, Welcome to Techbrushup also, we are happy you want to know something more about our site.

So, basically, nowadays people are more dependent on online products and services that's why we also, take forward a step to help you.

Our first wish is to provide you with a better solution to solve your problem.

So, kindly if you don't get any solution then mention it in the comment section.

Also, we are trying to provide fresh & latest content that provides you ideas about all updated information that's happening in the world.

In the below section you can get more ideas about our site like our website category and content category.

What is Our Goal?

Basically, we focus on the technologies niche so, our main priority is to search for new content and present it in front of you to learn something new.

Our main goal is to provide you with 100% Original and Safe content that provides you a great and better experience on the world wide web.

Techbrushup Help Provides all Content related to latest technologies including Drupal, Python, PHP etc. You can visit our homepage Click here -->Tech brushup.

This Website is Created By Techbrushup to help people because many people are still spending hours of time to get exact information so, this is the only motive to create Tech Brushup to help people and provide them a better web experience.

If you have any suggestions for this website then you can contact me by using following contact details.

Please connect with me:

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That's all about me.

If you want to contact us then you can email us at also, you can contact us by our contact us form. Go to homepage --> Contact

Thanks For Visiting My Blog

Manoj Kumar!

Are you ready to take it to the next level?