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What is cloud?

Basically we rent out services provided by cloud providers

Cloud is a huge space that is available online for their usage. Basically it a collection of Data centers(physical  locations) into different different regions for high availability.

1datacenter =  1 availability Zone

Each data center have their independent power and cooling.

Cloud computing

Cloud computing is the delivery of computing services over the internet.

Types of  cloud

There are three types of cloud.


Private cloud, single organization. Only your employees can use it.

private cloud simply means data center will be maintained by a single organization. Please note this is a keyword for your certification.

Non Technical Example: private car

Technical Example: VPN


You simply rent out the resources maintained by the third party provider. its kind a self service Organizations will pay only for what they use

Non Technical Example: OLA , UBER car

Technical Example :Azure,  AWS, google cloud


provide the most flexibility.

Why cloud computing?