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C is the world's most popular statically typed evergreen programming language. It was originally developed to write the operating system and that operating system was UNIX. Even today we use this UNIX operating system.

C is a programming language mostly used to develop operating systems, databases, applications, software applications, embedded systems and more.

C is the fastest language till today among all programming languages. C remains relevant due to its strengths in areas like performance, control, and the ability to work close to the hardware.

Additional info: C was developed by Dennis Ritchie at Bell Labs in 1972. C is suitsbale for Application software and system software. C is more close to hardware system.

  1. C is case senstive in nature.
  2. 32 keywords.
  3. .c file extension.

System software

computer program directly interact with computer hardware, as well as provide a platform for running application software. It acts as an intermediary between the hardware and the end-user applications

Example: Operating System (OS), Device Drivers etc.

Application software

computer programs designed to perform specific tasks or applications for end-users.

Example: Database Management Systems (DBMS), Antivirus Software, Gaming Software, Web Development Tools etc.

History of C language

Let's talk about the history of C language. Before the creation of C language, there was a person named Ken thompson who created the language B for the purpose to develop a opertaing system. he also developed a operating system and the name of that operating system is UNIX. Danish Riche also work with Ken Thomson at AT&T Bell Laboratories. Danish Rice created the C language in 1972. He improved the B language and created the C language. And he told Ken Thomson that if we make this operating system in C language, then many more features will come with it.The biggest feature was the operating system being portable. So C language was created to create the operating system. Both of them worked in AT&T. Together they created the operating system again and the operating system that we read and understand today is made in C language.

Why do we need to develop C

C was derived from an earlier programming language called B(developed by Ken Thomposon derived from BCPL(Basic Combined Programming Language)).

The purpose of creating the C language was to transfer the UNIX kernel code from assembly to a higher-level language. Because C had additional data types which were necessay to for large number of users to operate, B lacked in possessing data types.


Why C Langanguage so important

# Worth to know about C langauge
1 Oracle is written in C
2 Core libraries of android are written in C
3 MySql is written in C
4 Almost every device driver is written in C
5 Major part of web browser written in c
6 Unix operating system is developed in C