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What is SEO Backlink?

Submitted by manoj on 8 November 2022

A SEO Backlink is Page links from one website to another website means  when one website links to another with an anchor text.

Example: If Site A has a external link to Site B means Site B has a backlink from Site A. Therefore, this is a backlink to the target Site i.e. Site B.

There are two things related to Backlink 

1. Create a Backlink : 

2. Earn a back Backlink :  

In this post we will discuss in details .but before this lets understand more about Backlinks.

Why are backlinks important?

  • backlinks can help you PageRank higher in search engines such as Google and Microsoft Bing.
  • Backlinks is a kind of indicator of how popular your website is?
  • Google and other major search engines consider backlinks as specific page “votes”.
  • votes tells search engines:  specific content is valuable and very useful.

Backlinks are basically votes from other websites

Earning backlinks is an essential component of off-site SEO.


Importance of backlinks in SEO

not all backlinks are equal

Quality backlinks

  • Backlinks come from trusted, authoritative websites
  • Backlinks Include your target keyword in the link’s anchor text
  • The Site which linking  to you is related to your Site
  • Backlink is a "Dofollow" Link
  • Backlink is from a domain that hasn’t linked to you before
  • Webmention technique comes under quality backlinks 


backlink authority/quality

Imagine your website  has 2  different web pages and each page has backlinks from  different external domains.


  • Page X has 2 backlinks
  • Page Y has 1 backlinks

If Both 2 pages is about the same topic, Page X would rank higher than Page B.

Since  Page A  has Two times as many links than Page B . So the link from Page A is more valuable than the link from Page B because it has a higher authority.

How to get backlinks from high-authority sites?

Best way to get backlinks from high-authority sites is to write quality content for your Site.

Follow vs. no follow backlinks

Follow backlinks: A follow link does  pass link equity

no follow backlinks: A no follow link does not pass link equity


For this we can use many  link building strategies as listed below.

  • Blog Commenting
  • Directory Submission
  • Forum Posting
  • Social Bookmarking


backlink tool

Link Explorer

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How to Send Emails From Drupal?

Submitted by manoj on 29 October 2022

Step 1: Installation

Install the Symfony Mailer Module  via composer.


Step 2:Configuration

 enable the Symfony Mailer  module, and go configuration page /admin/config/system/mailer


Step 3: SMTP Server Settings

Go to transport tab under mailer policy 

Select Transport type SMTP and add transport. 

Click on edit  on type SMTP  and provide  SMTP details provided by your email provider.


Step 4: Congrats you are done.

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How to Render webform form in twig template?

Submitted by manoj on 29 October 2022

1. Create a tempalte file for your form like this:

2. Each field of the form can be access like this:

{{ element.elements.YOUR_FIELD_NAME }}

3.You need to output the form action (submit) at the end of the form with  couple of hidden form elements that is required for the form to be submitted like this:

            {{ element.form_build_id }}
            {{ element.form_token }}
            {{ element.form_id }}

4.  Insert form tag with  {{ attributes }} variable like this:

<form {{ attributes }}>

4.  Congrats you are done.

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VirtualProtect() failed [87] The parameter is incorrect

Submitted by manoj on 28 October 2022

Probably there may be some thing wrong in  httpd-vhosts.conf  file . So follow  mentioned steps below.


Step1: Go to the path in the terminal  cd [C]/[D]\xampp\apache\bin\  as per Xampp installation dir.

Step2:  put  httpd.exe and hit ENTER button.

Step3: Solve error as per log.

Step4: Restart apache

Step5 : Congrats problem solve.

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How we achieve Multiple Inheritance in PHP?

Submitted by manoj on 15 October 2022

We can achieve Multiple Inheritance  by using trait.

What is trait in php?

Sometimes we may want to inherit from more than one class. Since this is not possible in PHP so we can achieve  by traits.

What is a trait?

In PHP, a trait is a way  to inherit  multiple independent classes to a class achieve  Multiple inheritance.

You can inherit trait through the use keyword.

yml Copy

Multiple Inheritance

trait One {
    function index_one(){
        echo " I am class One";

class Two {
    function index_two(){
            echo " I am class Two";

Here we have  Actually achieved Multiple Inheritance.


class Three extends Two {
    use One;
    function index_three(){
        echo " I am class Three";


$Obj = new Three();
echo $Obj->index_three()."<br/>";
echo $Obj->index_two()."<br/>";
echo $Obj->index_one();

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